8 Things to Preview Windows 8 Tablet PC

8 Things to Preview Windows 8 Tablet PC

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According to foreign media reports, back to 2000, Bill Gates of Microsoft once put forward the concept of Tablet PC is actually a Windows operating system with a stylus device. So far, such equipment is in the market, but even if Microsoft has worked on it for 10 years, this has not become mainstream. Then they have taken great efforts to develop windows 8, and in the following, the features of it are concluded.1, Release date of Windows 8 things is still far away. Currently, Windows 8 operating system is still under development, so in 2011 the focus of the International Consumer Electronics Show will be Windows 7.However, Windows 8 release date may be faster than expected, Windows 8 beta release in spring 2012, the official version will be released late summer in 2012.2, Windows 8 Tablet PC manufacturers are expected. From “New York Times ” reports that Dell and Samsung will launch Windows 7 / 8 tablet PC, which is not surprising, because the Samsung and Dell and Microsoft relationship has always been very close. However, Microsoft is also likely to be the Google Android with the existing manufacturers to cooperate.3, Windows 8 Tablet PC’s appearance may be similar to Apple iPad. According to current news, Dell will introduce some unique shapes, and Samsung has launched the size and shape similar to Apple ipad just not so thin. At the same time, Samsung also will have a keyboard slide out, slide out the keyboard when the user will present a landscape mode like the hierarchical interface.4, Windows 8 tablet PC aims to business users. It is reported that Microsoft believes that the field in the enterprise is still great space for development, there must be some office workers want to read newspapers and magazines, and deal with office stuffs through Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office software on it. Therefore, Microsoft will aim at corporate users PC to optimize Windows 8 Tablet.5, Windows 8 will have a new look with touch screen. Currently there are several sources prove real strategy of Microsoft depends on the Tablet PC operating system, Windows 8, the company has been in efforts to introduce a new touch-screen. In other words, Windows 8 will have a new look with touch screen.6, Windows 8 will support an application store. Applications will be significant improvement on Microsoft’s operating system. Microsoft believes, “application development will move to the network. “However, Microsoft did not plan to profit with Windows 8 stores, like Apple’s application store, Microsoft is counting on Windows 8 App Store to sell more Windows 8 computer.7, Windows 8 specifications will neither be strange nor amazing. The specifications might be as follows: MHz processor, a megabyte of memory, support for 802.11b/g/n wireless network, with multi-touch Capacitive display, more portability, and USB port will become a key selling point.8, Sales price of Windows 8 Tablet PC will be similar to Google Android. Microsoft’s Tablet PC Windows 8 is to compete with Apple iPad, Android PC and Chrome OS netbook, therefore, in order to win the market, Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet PC prices will not be too far off the mark, it is likely to be similar prices with Android Tablet PCs.

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