Fleet driver training

Keep your drivers safe


Owning or managing a fleet of vehicles no matter what their size can come with many problems. To make sure your drivers as well as the vehicle they are driving are kept safe why not reserve fleet driving training places or online driver training programmes via a reputable company? Professional trainers have an inordinate amount of knowledge and expertise regarding road safety. Theoretical and practical driving courses along with solutions for businesses where drivers including vehicles use the UK’s busy roads during their working day, are also on offer.

Click on automotional.com today to find out more about this innovative fleet driver training company. You can read how experts understand the needs of businesses that require assistance regarding their drivers staying safe at all times along with creating their own training programme. Chat to an adviser soon who will be more than delighted to answer any questions you may have.

What’s on offer?

Automotional offer a great many services and options for companies throughout the UK that include:-

  • An online driver profile
  • Full online data management
  • Full consulting and accident analysis
  • Online modules
  • Practical driver training that includes fuel saving training, skid training, off road 4×4, winter driver training and driver workshops

With all of these courses available it’s no wonder many companies are choosing to have their drivers trained by professionals who are flexible, adaptable and approved. Prices are well within most business budgets and definitely worth while if it prevents accidents happening to drivers and vehicles are kept safe. Develop the knowledge your drivers already have by reserving places on interesting and informative courses to ensure the benchmarks are set.

Case studies and testimonials

On Automotional’s website you can read numerous case studies and testimonials from previous, satisfied clients. Many praise the trainers’ ability to offer sound advice in easy-to-understand jargon while others are more relaxed when driving which in turn means they are less stressed. Raising awareness can only be a good thing especially when it means drivers will slow down on the roads, be more alert when driving through heavy traffic and save on fuel costs.

Better still four drivers can be trained together at a cost of approximately £70 each which is great news for haulage firms for instance. An online Automotional Profiler has to be completed before the training begins so trainers have the relevant information and can assess information about the participants. Save money now by enrolling your drivers on one of these amazing training courses!


By mmpwpauthor3 on June 4, 2013 | Fleet driver training